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Located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma

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If you have any information on your Class Reunion, please send it to us for others in your class to view.

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Number of deaths in 2018
0 Teachers
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For those that are paying their subscriptions by check, Please note the new mailing address on the subscription form.

New: We now have 76 years of classes listed. I won't tell you how many records but it is in the thousands. So far we have managed to break even on the costs, thanks to our subscribers. I want to thank Charlene Adams for all the work in supplying the data that has made all of this possible.

Now the good and the bad news. Because of my age, 75 and counting, I am needing to turn all of this over to someone else. Not For Sale, but free to one of our class members that is young enough and devoted enough to keep it going. If you know of anyone interested, please have them contact me at DExum@OkmulgeeAlumni.org .

If you want to be a FREE LIFETIME member, as long as I have it, send me your name, maiden name for female, login name, and password. You must have went to Okmulgee school and be listed in our database and be 65 years old or older.

Thanks for the members that helped support us and especially Charelene Adams who provided all the information.

If you are already a present member, You don't need to reply, you are a;ready listed as LIFETIME MEMBER.